medieval zodiac sepia


Ancient Greek philosophers believed that the sphere or circle was the most perfect shape. Not only does it have no sides or harsh, uneven angles but it also has no obvious beginning or end, and is thus the perfect geometric symbol of the divine and godlike.  The planets, which were round and thought to revolve in perfect spheres, were therefore considered divine: the sky gods of the cosmos, which in Greek means “order”. Like many forms of divination and esoteric thought, Western Astrology owes a great debt to Pythagorean geometry and Platonic cosmology, so to us, a name that acknowledges these concepts makes perfect sense. Hence “Astro”+”Sphere”.

Astrology is best used to ascertain the right time to do things. It is most empowering and effective when used as a sort of symbolic clock, calendar or weather forecast, indicating the themes, qualities and types of events most likely to occur at any given moment.

On a personal or individual level, this means assessing the astrological stages and phases of your life based on the transits and progressions of your natal chart.

On a mundane or worldly level, the various planetary cycles and aspects can indicate possible events likely to take place on the world stage – occurrences that stand to affect us all.

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